It’s all about the feeling

The warm sun slowly bakes my skin as I lay dreamily navel gazing my past, present and future. I know I must pull myself away and back into the real world, but every time I try I feel the the sun reach out closer as if to pull me deeper into its loving hold. I am lost, searching for a way to be found. The sound of my horse tearing at the rope snaps me back to reality. The rope that tethers her to the lonesome Joshua Tree unravels. It’s time to find my place in this world. 

The sun is setting and melts the mountains like ice-cream as they try desperately to grip the final moments of the day. They leave a lasting shadow to let you know they were once here as the night staunchly settles in. At the mercy of the ever growing darkness, I see the rescue of a dim light flickering on the horizon. I ride, making my way closer and closer to the welcoming light. 

A sign reads, “The Good House”. A true sanctuary, all at my fingertips. The gate creaks open and I am greeted with a lush kiss from palms and sprawling greenery. The sound of jazz dances through the night air whilst the playful nature of water drinks me in.

This is a nourishing and welcomed awakening from the dry and fast paced world outside of these walls. I am away to rest. My head melts into the bed, as if it was created just for me. 

The sun rises and lights up my room so gracefully, it’s as if she had a key. I am welcomed to the morning with such peace and kindness. Nothing is rushed, all in good time says the slow rise of my mind. Simply basking in this restoration unfolding. 

Hello, Morning. I am ready for whatever comes my way. The Spanish bell rings. It’s 8am. The sweet aroma of fresh fruits and baked bread spills into the morning air. My belly is full, my heart is open and my head is clear. The water calls me into its heartfelt embrace. Splash as I hit the water. It’s healing touch soothes my weary bones. It’s as though years are just falling away from me. A shedding of the past to become truly present in who I am. I have purpose. I am connected. The afternoon shuffles in as I become further engrossed in my book. A cool refreshing drink is served to ensure the magic of the day is drawn out for as long as it can be. One more dip in the magic water before the evening sets in. Night has fallen and the garden effortlessly sets the stage for romance. A soft golden light cascades within, dancing over the water with such beauty. Couples burrow lovingly into one another. How could I ever leave such a paradise found? I am no longer lost. I have found that the detail in life is everything, my connection with the earth, my spirituality without judgement, a crafted and considered luxury all under the desert sun. 

The Good House.  It’s who we are.